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5 Benefits of Higher Levels of Glutathione

Whether it’s bacteria or viruses, radiation or harmful metals, free radicals or corrosive chemicals, everyday our bodies battle microscopic miscreants. Commonly known as oxidative damage, the effects of these cellular struggles can be felt acutely but are more commonly experienced as slowly accumulating maladies that become more pronounced with age. 


These teeny-tiny conflicts are where antioxidants, substances that prevent or slow damage to cells caused by oxidative stress, play such a crucial role in your health and quality of life. 


Often nicknamed the “master” antioxidant because of its powerful ability to enhance the potency and re-utilization of other antioxidants in the human body.   Glutathione is a naturally occurring molecular tripeptide that exists to support the immune system.   Immune Formulation 200® provides the cells the building blocks needed to produce glutathione.    What are the benefits of increasing glutathione levels in the body?


1. Glutathione Regulates Inflammation


While chronic, low-grade inflammation can produce long-term health issues, short-term inflammation is an important component of a functioning immune system. High glutathione levels can help to ensure that inflammatory proteins are blocked from being overproduced, therein balancing and benefiting inflammatory bodily responses.


2. Glutathione Detoxifies Your Body


Free radicals are unstable particles that steal electrons from cells and are the prime movers behind oxidative damage and stress. Glutathione defends against free radicals via detoxification. Detoxification plays a role in “cleansing” the body of these harmful free radicals.


Glutathione supports the body’s natural detoxification pathways, which in turn fortifies healthy DNA and cell production. In addition, Glutathione can prime the body to better combat toxic pathogens and heavy metals.


3. Glutathione Strengthens Cognitive Health


A series of promising studies have shown clear links between increased levels of glutathione and healthy memory ability and healthy cognitive function. This creates positive effects for those predisposed to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Sufficient levels of glutathione can also benefit mood and stress response in the brain.


4. Glutathione Promotes Gut Health


Believe it or not, a healthy gut microbiome is crucial for a healthy body. Our gut protects us from dangerous bacteria and particles that try to enter our bodies via the bloodstream. Glutathione is critical for nurturing a healthy gut. It fortifies the intestinal lining and stimulates the renewal of cells.


5. Glutathione Supports a Healthy Immune Response


Optimal glutathione levels boost the efficacy of “killer” and “helper” T cells, the white blood cells that make up the bulk of the body’s defense mechanism against malignant substances.  Glutathione-enhanced T cells are proven to be more effective at fending off microbial, viral, and parasitic infections.


Some research also suggests that autoimmune diseases (illnesses where the immune system mistakenly attacks itself) are linked to low levels of glutathione.


Support Healthy Glutathione Levels with Immune Formulation 200®️!


Three Aminos is founded on the science of innate health. We believe that using bioavailable, naturally occurring compounds is the best way to ensure that your body gets exactly what it needs, nothing more, nothing less. 

That’s why we offer our patented Immune Formulation 200®, which provides every ingredient your body needs to make sufficient glutathione and reap the benefits of this antioxidant wunderkind. Order here or contact us today to learn more.

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